Daniel Sturridge Is Among the Rising Stars of the Premier League

Daniel Sturridge is 22 years old and the young striker is among the rising star of Barclays Premier League. Sturridge made his first team debut with Chelsea in the current season of 2011 – 2012 and he has become a permanent fixture of the first team in a short span of time.

He faced competition from stars like Drogba, Anelka, and Torres for the vital position of playing as the striker of the club, Chelsea. He thus improvised and found his niche in the right wing position of his team. This has enabled his club, Chelsea, to make killer attacks from the right wing as the young striker is equipped with extreme pace and is able to beat defender with ease. Furthermore, his striking abilities mean that he can cut inside from the wing and fire killer shot onto the goal to give another crucial attacking advantage to his team.

Daniel Sturridge was born on 1st September, 1989 and his full name is Daniel Andre Sturridge. The younger striker started his playing career with the club of Aston villa and then moved to Coventry City. His big break came when he moved to the club, which is the current league leaders, Manchester City. It is the opinion of the experts that Manchester City was the club where Daniel Sturridge developed his talents that has enabled him to become the player that he is today.

His performance in the FA Youth Cup was exceptional and he garnered much acclaim when he led the club to the finals two times. This led to him getting a place in the professional team of Manchester City and he made his debut for the club in the same season. He thus became the only player in the history of the Premier League to have scored goals in the same season on the three different competitions – FA Cup, FA Youth Cup, and the Premier League.

The ultimately resulted in him becoming a player of high demand and many players pursued the young striker with Chelsea ultimately signing him in 2009. However, he initially failed to make the same impact with his new club of Chelsea as he had done with Manchester City. Consequently, the club of Chelsea loaned him out to Bolton Wanderers and it turned out to be a good move as his performance picked up and when he made his return to the club of Chelsea, he was a recharged player. Since then, he has become a formidable force in the lineup of Chelsea.

Sturridge was instrumental in the win of Chelsea against Manchester City, which broke their undefeated run. Before the thrilling encounter, Manchester City had been on undefeated in the season and it was an excellent display of football in which the Sturridge performed brilliantly. The win over Manchester City put Chelsea back in the title race and the resulting increase in morale has been visible in the following games of Chelsea.

The Barclays Premier League is going through a remarkable time indeed. The two league leaders – Manchester United and Manchester City – have been knocked out the Champions League and have subsequently, dropped to the Europa League. On the other hands, the two teams that had an extremely dismal start to the season – Chelsea and Arsenal – have progressed to the last of the Champions League. The way these two teams have picked up their form is incredible and this is well reflected in the sale of Chelsea Tickets and Arsenal Tickets.

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